Acceptance to publication in one day

From acceptance to publication in just one day!

Read how kriyadocs helped the Engineering Project Organization Society (EPOS) to publish a paper in record time

Client Background

EPOJ (The Engineering Project Organization Journal) is an open access journal published and supported by the Engineering Project Organization Society (EPOS). Through this journal, the society and editors aim to provide an international platform for dissemination of scholarly research in the field of project organizations. All articles published in the journal are accessible free of charge to aid in the Society’s mission of helping research in engineering.


In order to increase its visibility to readers, EPOJ emerged as a standalone journal. However, disengaging from a large publishing house resulted in the lack of suitable content management system and publishing services. This put the additional onus on the editorial board to take the publishing process to fruition by themselves.


Adopting kriyadocs has helped EPOJ streamline and fast track the entire publication process, drastically reducing the time to publication. Authors are able to make corrections to their proofs and generate the updated proof instantaneously. Journal editors are able to access and work all their content seamlessly in a single place.
“The paper was accepted yesterday and has now been formatted and is published on the website today. Must definitely be some kind of a record. I do not know any other journal that has done this.”

Dr.Ashwin Mahalingam

Editor-in-chief EPOJ

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