September 9, 2023

Is your journal publishing workflow automation-ready?

Get this free checklist to measure the automation readiness level of your journal publishing workflow.

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The journal publishing workflow involves various stakeholders collaboratively executing processes for managing submissions, tracking articles, handling payments, distributing digital and print output, and more.

Publishers ought to adhere to agreed turnaround times, and on occasion, need to accommodate fast-tracking of articles as well. With such complex workflows, there is a need for a robust solution that will support publishers to achieve their goals with efficiency.

Over the last few decades, workflow automation has impacted almost every industry across the globe, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, education, and more. Typically, industries that have welcomed automation have seen benefits ranging from increased production rates and better product quality to higher efficiency and safer working environments.

The publishing industry, too, has enjoyed significant gains by automating its workflows. Whether you are a publisher with a fully manual workflow or your publishing workflow is already automated at some level, we’ve put together a checklist of 15 questions for you to assess the automation-readiness of your journal workflow from submission to publication.  This checklist covers the following areas:

  • Manuscript submission
  • Copyediting & proofing
  • Validations
  • Project/workflow management
  • Publication and final delivery

Schedule a call with us and find out how Kriyadocs can help in making your journal publishing workflow automation ready!

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