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In the traditional scholarly publishing model, it may take several months or maybe even years for a manuscript to be peer-reviewed and published. Prolonged times to publication deprive authors of the benefits of credit and visibility through citations.

For centuries, we have witnessed how humans thrive on effective collaboration and how it drives innovation. Collaboration improves productivity, facilitates brainstorming, and helps us reach our goals faster. These benefits have necessitated collaboration at the workplace through different platforms.

Open science is a movement that strives to bring transparency to research and make it freely accessible to everyone.

The open research movement strives to achieve transparency and accessibility of research and its data. It has brought many positive changes including open access, open data, open infrastructure, and open research to mainstream science.

Digital publishing delivers ebooks, audio, infographics, blogs, and video through various platforms, including websites, emails, podcasts, apps, and social media sites.