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Chart your own course

Tired of getting caught up in convoluted contracts that squeeze your budget?
Stuck with bulky and rigid enterprise tools stuffed with features you don’t need?
Kriyadocs helps you break free with flexible engagement options that work best for you

Craft your own success story

Subscribe to our self-serve platform and supercharge your teams to take control
Looking for easy to use tools to automate work?
Our access anytime, anywhere platform helps your teams get smart work done on the go.
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Partner with our pros

Hire our publishing experts to support, run or manage your programs

Looking for skilled resources to accelerate work?
Our highly trained publishing services experts bring deep industry expertise to help you meet your goals.

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Self Serve

Publishing the DIY way: One platform for all your needs

Our comprehensive document collaboration platform simplifies publishing workflows from authoring to reviewing to distribution.

Whether you are working from home, on the go, or at the office, access Kriyadocs from anywhere, at any time, and stay on top of your processes with ease. The WYSIWYG intuitive platform makes the collaboration between your authors, reviewers, editors, and publishing team members effortless.

Kriyadocs helps maintain all files, assets, and communication in one place.

A single platform to manage all your publishing workflows
An intuitive interface for better collaboration
AI/ML-based automation and validations for the best results

“It’s been a pleasure working with Kriyadocs for many, many years: professional, efficient and courteous!”

Dr. M. Sohail
Managing Director | LibPubMedia


Publishing with a partner: Services from trusted industry experts

Our end-to-end digital publishing services are designed to enable authors and publishers to obtain outputs of outstanding quality with minimal turnaround times.

Our processes are streamlined and platform-driven, leaving very little room for unintended manual errors. We have dedicated teams with specialized skill sets in defined service categories such as copyediting and proofreading. They are experienced in producing publications in the varied fields of Science, Technical, Medicine (STM), education, social sciences, etc., covering the breadth of academic and scholarly publishing, and continually keep themselves updated on changes in standards and technology advances.

The Kriyadocs services spectrum includes Editorial Services, Data Services, Artwork & Design, and end-to-end Project Management.

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Kriyadocs empowers your teams to collaborate effortlessly and get your publications to reach the world faster
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