Effective Teams. Repeatable Outcomes.

Are you spending a lot of time and effort in training people to get it right?
Do you often get bogged down by unforeseen delays and quality issues?
kriyadocs helps your teams jumpstart their day and focus only on
delivering fabulous content, not frustrating chores.

Stay true to your style

Convert messy manuscripts to masterpieces in minutes.
AI driven house style guides & reusable templates
ensure that all your publications’ guidelines are automatically applied to deliver a terrific experience
to the reader everytime.

Add rigor to your routine

Smart validations automatically flag business rule violations and help you stay ever compliant.

Auto-proof generation and XML first workflows ensure that your content is ready to undergo a hassle-free publishing lifecycle.

Streamline your workflow

Plan, prioritize and measure your team’s tasks, goals and milestones in one place with easy Kanban boards for effective project management.

Integrated communication channels accelerate response times by getting all your conversations on the same page.

Beat the clock

Actionable reports help you focus on what’s important and keep things moving along.

Proactive reminders and automated chasers make sure your teams are always on track, everytime.

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