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Ensure repeatable outcomes

Add process rigor and nimbly adopt best practices to strengthen your publication standards


Forget your worries about adhering to guidelines

Ensure that the content styling and formatting are just right every single time.

  • Customize business rules, house styles, and output specifications according to your requirements. Style and format documents with guided automation.
  • Manage text, tables, equations, and figures effortlessly with automated typesetting. Deliver high quality proofs with the built-in proof quality checker.

Don’t leave any room for errors or inconsistencies in content and language

Generate high quality outputs with validated data and consistent language throughout.

  • Address missing or incomplete content with automated and actionable queries.
  • Validate references against PubMed and Crossref with the reference manager and style them according to your guidelines with CSL.
  • Refine the language of your content and catch errors and irregularities in spelling and grammar with the language checker.
dont leave room

“I found the proofing system very easy to use. The fact that I could download a PDF
after I had made changes to check the proofs, was really good and helpful.”

Isabel Peres
Author | British Journal of Radiology

dont break

Don’t let broken XML packages delay the distribution of outputs

Generate intact XML packages per your requirements with the click of a button.

  • Ensure that your XML packages are always intact with the XML schema checker.
  • Deliver content easily with the automated XML package creator. Reach your audiences faster through built-in integrations with hosting platforms and third-party indexers.

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