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authors and readers with kriyadocs!

Effortless Collaboration
Empowered Teams

Enable your teams to collaborate faster

for maximum productivity

Kanban boards

Organize and prioritize your work visually for faster tracking

Communication Hub

Access all your messages in one place and collaborate proactively with automated chasers


Make proactive decisions with actionable dashboards


Simplify reviews & sign-offs with intuitive, full-featured UI

Adaptable Workflows
Rich Content

Enhance your content with rich metadata

and business rules

Integrated CMS DAM

Manage content and track assets better with integrated CMS & DAM

Business Rules

Ensure consistency with customizable business rules

Style Templates

Stay true to your style with AI driven layout templates

Multi-lingual Support

Connect to a global audience with multi-lingual support-HTML editor

Table Formatter

Standardize and control how your tables are displayed

Equation Editor

Simplify and speed up your equation editing process

Reference Manager

Effectively manage all your references in one place

Asset Manager

Upload, edit and access all your figures, videos and other supplementary files easily

Smart Automation
Stringent Validation

Ensure zero-tolerance validation and highest quality

User Roles

Manage user access with roles and element-level security

Data Validation

Maintain accuracy and data integrity with automated data validation

ML driven Editor

Improve readability and eliminate errors with ML driven edits and language quality checker

Smart Queries

Flag and resolve missing content automatically with smart queries

MF Authentication

Multi factor authentication (MFA)
- ORCID, Google, LinkedIn etc

Proof Quality Checker

Deliver high quality proofs every time

XML Schema Checker

Ensure that your XML’s are always intact

Package Validator

Ensure that your packages are all checked before deployment

Repeatable Processes
Quicker Monetization

Get more done with less effort and tap into metadata for faster monetization

Project Tracker

Meet your schedules with focused project tracking

Publish on Demand

Publish on demand in multiple formats with XML native content

3rd Party Integration

Cross the last mile using built-in integrations with your existing tools - Hosting platforms, PaW

Rich Metadata

Enable discovery, licensing and attribution with rich metadata

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