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How to publish effortlessly with kriyadocs

publish effortlessly

Publishers strive to expand and improve their publishing programs constantly. The pandemic has left a significant mark on the publishing industry, calling for a major transformation in the way it functions. As the number of articles published continues to increase, complex challenges arise for your team to accommodate both quality and time standards in your publishing process.

Having better visibility and increased control over your production process can help you publish more efficiently. This situation calls for a product that gives you the power to deliver better outcomes, and at the same time, ensure the best possible experience for your authors.

How kriyadocs helps you publish effortlessly

kriyadocs is a cloud-based, end-to-end digital publishing platform that helps journal publishers streamline their peer review and production processes.

The proof review process involves a lot of interactions between different stakeholders and can lead to missed edits, pending queries, and multiple rounds of corrections. With kriyadocs’ powerful features, the production process is made simpler and more efficient. You can plan, prioritize, control, and manage all your journals in one place. 

6 ways in which kriyadocs gives publishers full visibility and control over their production process

  1. Retain control over the manuscripts at every stage of the workflow with role-based access and element-level security. Decide who has access to what in your production process. Allow authors to make changes themselves and review the changes while maintaining the level of control you need. 
  2. Make informed decisions by having complete visibility over all the changes made by the author.  Track and review them by identifying what changes were made by whom, and why in the manuscript. Filter these changes based on different criteria and update them as required.
  3. Track, manage and resolve queries at ease with kriyadocs’ intuitive query resolution feature. Visual tags are used to link queries to specific content, and the resolved queries are separated from the open ones to give a clear picture of what actions need to be taken.
  4. Improve the discoverability and searchability of your content by updating metadata such as author and article information as and when needed. Also, there are options to update supplementary data and add alt text and long descriptions to non-textual content. These features help you deliver the perfect content consumption experience for your readers.
  5. Finalize the content and review the article PDF with the on-the-fly PDF generation feature in kriyadocs. Generate proofs, both web and print PDFs, instantaneously at any given time. Also, you can easily make layout related changes to your proofs. As a result, the production team is confident that the final proof being published is up to the required standard. This feature has been a particular favorite among our users as it helps them review the typeset proof instantaneously, with the click of a button.
  6. Establish an efficient publishing workflow that enables you to automate monotonous tasks. With kriyadocs, you can automate email chasers, customize your workflows based on journal requirements, and integrate your workflows with other systems. These help you save a lot of time and allow you to focus on the key areas that require review and intervention.

Discover how an independent society journal implemented these 6 steps and published an article within one day of acceptance.

Focus on your goals as a publisher to grow your business while kriyadocs takes care of your publishing process. kriyadocs eliminates redundant steps and bottlenecks in your workflow and gives you complete control over what gets published and how.

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