November 10, 2023


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Dryad is a non-profit, community-driven open research data publishing platform and repository that makes it easier to share, find, use, and cite data. It is dedicated to the open availability and routine reuse of research data to accelerate discovery and translation of research into benefits for society.

Dryad ensures metadata quality, verifies that data are accessible, usable, and licensed for sharing, and supports authors throughout the publishing process. It also integrates readily with publisher workflows, runs on open-source software, and provides an open API for developers.

Dryad welcomes submissions of data in all research domains, where there is not an existing specialist repository and where the data may be shared openly. It publishes data exclusively under a Creative Commons Public Domain License (CC0) and does not support the publication of sensitive data.

Kriyadocs integrates with Dryad to help publishers make all research output, including data, code, and more, available online efficiently.

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