Stay Lean. Save Big.

Are you spending a lot of money on people and tools? Looking to get more done with less?
kriyadocs helps you optimize your spend by rightsizing your teams,
eliminating redundant tools and reducing unnecessary steps in your workflow.

Empower your teams

Are you highly dependent on specialists to get tasks done?
WYSIWIG editing and WYSIWIG editing
enable you to make changes on demand, like a pro.

Stay ahead of the curve

XML first and e-pub generation reduces unnecessary steps, unforeseen delays and over-dependency on individuals, and ensures that you go to market faster.

why_kriyadocs_faster publishing

Tighten your toolbelt

Spending a premium on over-priced tool licenses
and paying further for skilled tool specialists?
kriyadocs does it all from taking care of your
image manipulation, layout design and industry
standard XML creation.

Increase your savings

Increased automation allows you to reduce your overall costs at every stage of the lifecycle.​

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for your team?

Looking to accelerate your publishing time?
kriyadocs helps you work smart and fly fast!