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Reach your audience faster

Manage and enrich your content and metadata for improved discoverability and accessibility

reduce dependant

Reduce dependency on multiple tools across the publishing lifecycle

Leverage a wide variety of third-party integrations and publish seamlessly with a comprehensive platform.

  • Validate authors’ details and their content with integrations with ORCID and other PIDs, Crossref, Funder Registry, DOAJ, OVID, JISC, et al.
  • Ensure effortless and automated delivery of metadata, proof, and XML packages to the hosting platforms and indexers of your choice.

Never leave discoverability to chance

Ensure a smooth flow of metadata throughout the publishing process to create easily discoverable content for a wider audience

  • Capture author and publication-related metadata upfront and transfer it uniformly from one stage to the next.
  • Enable discovery, licensing, and attribution by adding rich metadata to your content.
  • Cross the last mile in publishing with built-in third-party integrations with hosting platforms, indexers, and more.
never leave
top 5

Top 5 publishing trends for 2022

Scholarly publishing is changing rapidly as a result of digitization, the open access (OA) movement, and a third, counteractive force—the global pandemic. While there has been a marked rise in transformative agreements between academic institutions, libraries, and various consortia along with publishers recently, the pandemic has put stakeholders at a crossroads.

dont let poor

Don’t let poor accessibility limit your potential to reach a wider audience

Enhance your content with rich metadata to make it accessible and improve the likelihood of relevant readers finding it.

  • Add alt-text and long descriptions to all non-textual content during review for better accessibility.
  • Ensure automatic adherence of output to standardized accessibility guidelines.
  • Handle multilingual projects seamlessly with product localization support. Process translations and documents in multiple languages with customized workflows.

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