Dig Deep. Deliver Delight.

Are you trying hard to deliver a meaningful experience for your authors but find yourself
hampered by tiresome tools, communication bottlenecks and long production timelines?
kriyadocs helps you empower your authors to take control and help their content
come to life faster and deliver an enriching experience for your readers.

Authors without barriers

Browser based editing and on-the-fly proofing help your authors edit on-demand and see the changes immediately. This reassures your authors that what they see and sign off, is what gets published, without any unpleasant surprises.

Manage content better

Integrated CMS helps you store and manage all
versions of your content in one place.

Deliver happy authors

Automation at multiple touchpoints with stringent validations lead to error-free content getting published faster. Capturing subject areas and topic codes upfront enhances content categorization and improves discoverability.

Improve reader accessibility

Enhanced support for alt-ext, long description, and supplementary data helps deliver a rich content consumption experience for your readers and grows your reader base.

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