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Top 6 publishing workflow challenges and how kriyadocs helps address them

Publishers are responsible for ensuring that projects run smoothly and on schedule as well as maintaining the quality of the publication. They
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As easy as π: Manage math content with kriyadocs

Complex mathematical equations, symbols, and other types of non-text content are a significant part of scholarly publications. Content of this nature is
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Unlock the full potential of your content with kriyadocs

The modern world of publishing is overflowing with a large amount of content being published every day. With over 2 million articles
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Seeing is believing: Engage your readers with video abstracts

Humans are visual creatures. Videos have been shown to improve learning capabilities and are considered effective tools for knowledge dissemination. And considering
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publish effortlessly

How to publish effortlessly with kriyadocs

Publishers strive to expand and improve their publishing programs constantly. The pandemic has left a significant mark on the publishing industry, calling
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ORCID Integration

Authenticate your author review process with ORCID integrations

A publisher is responsible for handling a vast number of manuscripts at any point in time. It is crucial to maintain the
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peer review process

Simplify your peer review process with kriyadocs

The world of publishing starts and ends with the author who is the creator and the consumer of content. The importance of
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publishing efficiency work from home

A Production Editor’s Guide to Working from Home with kriyadocs

Introduction It has been well over a year since organizations around the world have by and large transitioned their employees to work
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