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Top 6 publishing workflow challenges and how Kriyadocs helps address them

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  • February 15, 2022

Publishers are responsible for ensuring that projects run smoothly and on schedule as well as maintaining the quality of the publication. They face a variety of challenges at different stages in the publishing process, starting from initial submission to final publication.


The many challenging aspects of traditional publishing span across the following areas:

    • There is a need to continuously engage and communicate with authors, copyeditors/reviewers, overseas service providers, freelancers, printers, content aggregators, and various other partners during the full life cycle of their publications. Stakeholders in the workflow often grapple with linear, back-and-forth emails that can lead to delays and misinterpretations.
    • As publishing workflows involve multiple stages handled by different individuals, publishers often face challenges in tracking the assets, source files, and processed outputs at every stage.
    • In traditional publishing workflows, any revised editions are often time-consuming and tedious as the revised manuscript has to be processed across all stages of the workflow from scratch.
    • Publishers deal with challenges around moving content across various third-party software applications while handling the publishing workflow, and it increases the technology spend.
    • There is a need to maintain the accuracy and consistency of metadata as it flows from one stage to the next in the publishing process. Also, publishers face the need to ensure that this metadata can be edited at any point if required.
    • Publishers are looking to handle high-quality content without compromising on cost and time.

The digital transformation in the last few years has driven a great deal of change in the publishing industry, helping accelerate the publishing lifecycle and simplifying the experience for all the stakeholders involved. This transformation is evolving by the day, and it will continue to do so through the coming years. Furthermore, the challenges faced by the publishing industry have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting “new normal” has presented many new opportunities and obstacles.


Kriyadocs is a comprehensive document workflow management platform for journals, books, and abstracts. Kriyadocs’ peer review and production platforms are supported by professional services such as copyediting, typesetting, project management, and more.


Here’s how Kriyadocs empowers publishers to address the challenges mentioned above. you can also check the publishing success story here

Enabling collaboration and communication

    • Kriyadocs is the single-source window for all stakeholders to collaborate on a manuscript.
    • Queries are visually tagged to specific content items for clear context, and users can manage and track open and resolved queries with ease. Also, all document-related notes and comments are preserved at a central communication hub. This facilitates efficient communication.
    • Authors can make corrections by themselves during resubmission following peer review or while reviewing proofs before publication, and all changes are tracked. This helps reduce the need for back-and-forth emails to implement changes in the proofs.
    • All communication is centralized within the platform and automated email chasers can be set up, eliminating the need to follow up manually.

Collaboration and communication

Review PDF proofs with ease

“Your new production and proofing system appears very good! I have never had such a short period between acceptance and appearance of the proofs. I have also never had such a successful first proof.” – A happy author

Managing publishing workflows and version control

    • Manuscripts can be tracked across every stage of the process alongside the production pages, and all the assets are accessible based on user configuration settings.
    • A complete audit trail of all communication, including emails, is available. All versions of a document as well as the different output versions at a particular stage are tracked.
    • The platform provides full visibility and control over the work assigned to each stakeholder and enables tracking through a single dashboard.

Version control

Track all your publications in a single location

“On any given day I might be editing copy, assigning work, liaising with authors on the other side of the world, or keeping tabs on the publication schedule — usually all of the above! Kriyadocs holds all of that in one place, meaning quicker decisions, streamlined workflows and better audit trails.” – A delighted editor

Handling revisions and reprints

    • The source file as well as all versions are always maintained within the platform, and a new proof can be generated instantaneously after making the necessary changes.
    • This makes the process seamless for releasing revised editions of books. Creating a revised edition typically means that publishers have to typeset the content from scratch. But Kriyadocs simplifies this process by eliminating the need for repetitive processing.
    • Users can trigger journal article resupply with ease. The process of correcting errors and republishing articles is streamlined.

Revisions and reprints

Initiate resupply with ease

“All data, as the article progresses through the production stages, are collected within Kriyadocs. The data are also easily accessible post publication, which is extremely helpful for occasions when one might need to review changes or resupply articles.” – A satisfied Production Manager

Managing technology and content

    • Content creation, review, editing, and formatting are all carried out through a browser-based, OS platform agnostic interface.
    • For the publisher, Kriyadocs reduces the dependencies on third-party licensed document management as well as collaboration software applications.
    • Several processes such as typesetting, XML and ePub generation, package creation, and delivery have been deskilled through AI/ML-driven automated backend processes and providing control to users with intuitive interfaces that empower content experts to have control over the output generated.

Enriching content with metadata

    • Publishers have full control over the workflow, starting from submission to final output delivery. This enables the seamless flow of metadata across each stage of the publishing process through a single, comprehensive system.
    • Kriyadocs helps users enrich the document with metadata from a variety of sources. This metadata can be added at different stages in the workflow and can be deposited wherever needed.

Enriching content with metadata

Supercharge your content with metadata

Balancing quality, cost, and time

    • With an XML-first workflow and automated validation routines, all outputs are consistent. High-quality content can be produced in a wide variety of formats (both print and digital) more efficiently.
    • Kriyadocs’ feature-rich capabilities and intuitive interface empower users to become self-reliant and deliver high-quality outputs on time.
    • Cost savings are achieved in the form of process optimization and the ability to scale sustainably.

“Kriyadocs is a comprehensive pre-publication production solution, covering editing, author liaison, typesetting, and workflow management in one place, supported by a responsive, friendly and professional team of technical and customer service experts.” – A satisfied Production Manager.

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