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Stay lean and save big

Spend your operational budgets smartly and empower your teams to stay self-sufficient

stop depending

Stop depending on skilled experts for making even small changes

Become self-sufficient to make changes yourself and move the content forward.

  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to edit content and make layout and styling changes to ensure nothing looks out of place.
  • Verify your changes with automated validations.
  • Export output in multiple prescribed formats, like XML, PDF, Word, HTML, ePub, etc.

Stop getting tangled between multiple tools and overspending on user licenses

Create, edit, review, and publish your content in 
one central place.

  • Submit content that adheres to publisher guidelines. Validate and style references with Kriyadocs’ reference manager.
  • Refine the language of your content and catch spelling and grammar errors with the language checker. Run a plagiarism check on the document to ensure high quality content.
  • Modify how tables are typeset with the table setter and make layout changes with proof controls and place floats.
  • Integrate with all the tools and databases that your workflow needs.
stop getting
refer manage

Reference management simplified with Kriyadocs

Styling and formatting references according to prescribed guidelines can be a major bottleneck in the production of scholarly journals and books. A lot of time is spent reviewing, editing, and validating references. Kriyadocs helps streamline the reference management process.

never lose ctrl

Prevent bottlenecks and delays from slowing down the time to publication

Manage all your projects in one place and address delays and bottlenecks with ease

  • Use the Kanban boards and a comprehensive dashboard to view, access, track, and manage all projects.
  • Ensure the quality and consistency of your content and leave no room for error with AI/ML-driven rules and validations.
  • Expedite your publishing processes through agile XML-first workflows and on-the-fly proofing.

Ready to simplify your publishing experience?

Kriyadocs empowers your teams to collaborate effortlessly and get your publications to reach the world faster