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Gateway to efficiency: How BMJ streamlined their open access payment workflows with Kriyadocs

“One of the cornerstones of the long partnership with Kriyadocs is the close collaboration for continuous improvement. Working together to ensure that processes are streamlined has made the experience more rewarding for all stakeholders.”

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Natalie Bryan

Senior Production Manager


Read how BMJ streamlined their open access (OA) payment workflows with Kriyadocs.

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BMJ published 19,816 open access articles in 2020


300+ hours of manual work saved during the year

BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider, sharing knowledge and expertise to improve healthcare outcomes through its collection of over 60 journals, which include some of the most influential titles in their respective fields. BMJ is a pioneer of open access research and supports multiple publication models to make academic research freely accessible and discoverable for its readers.

BMJ has been using Kriyadocs for a number of years to produce their journals, continuing to work towards improving their efficiency and streamlining their processes to publish high quality research and provide a fantastic experience to their authors. Kriyadocs has been a constant partner in working closely with BMJ to help them deliver these outcomes.