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Plan ahead for success

Organize and track your projects visually for better insights and agile delivery

never lose

Never lose track of your timelines and milestones

Be agile in planning, prioritizing, and measuring project timelines and team workloads to stay prepared for 
timely course correction.

  • Use Kanban lanes to organize your work visually for faster tracking and delegation.
  • Fast track or put work on hold to reprioritize as needed.
  • Use custom flags/labels to quickly visualize and filter the documents you need.
  • Create custom views of the dashboard based on criteria such as assignee, process stage, key metadata, and set appropriate flags and labels.

Don’t let potential bottlenecks spring last minute surprises.

Make proactive decisions with early insights backed by historic data & meaningful metrics.

  • Use actionable reports to continuously measure progress, validate performance, and improve your outcomes.
  • Take necessary action in a timely manner with the high-level dashboard view.

BSAVA digitizes its content library to provide a new resource for the veterinary profession

“We have worked with Kriyadocs since 2017, and we have always found them helpful and responsive as we develop our understanding of the optimum online presentation for our different types of content.”
Ian Mellor
Head of Publishing | BSAVA

never lose ctrl

Stop chasing after people with repeated mails and reminders.

Assign and manage focused reminders for specific workflows and teams to stay ahead of the clock.

  • Use automated chasers and designated backups with well-defined SLAs to prompt your teams to respond faster.
  • One more point here? Actionable queries? @name tagging?

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