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Make publishing simpler and more efficient.


Our vision

To make publishing all content as simple as clicking a button and become the partner of choice for individuals and organizations looking to share knowledge.

Our mission

To provide a fantastic experience to authors, content publishers, and our own employees through technology and innovation by publishing high-quality content seamlessly and quickly. 

Our purpose

To enable the creation, collaboration, and distribution of ideas to facilitate the evolution of the human race. It is with this purpose that we continuously strive to add value to the publishing ecosystem by empowering people, enriching processes, exploring challenges, exchanging expertise, and enhancing accessibility. 

Who we are

At Kriyadocs, we’ve partnered with prestigious publishing houses across the world for over 15 years and delivered world-class, publication-ready digital & print content by applying cutting-edge technology, streamlined processes, and extensive domain expertise.

With a vision to make publishing all content as simple as clicking a button, we built Kriyadocs as a comprehensive document workflow management platform for journals, books, and abstracts supported by publishing experts.

Our peer review and production platforms bring all the stakeholders together to get work done. Our platforms are supported by professional services such as copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, indexing, design, project management, and more.

At Kriyadocs, we put the authors at the heart of everything we do.

Authors are the central keystone of the whole publishing process. It is the author’s ideas and thoughts that eventually take the shape of a journal article or a book that can then be shared with the rest of the world. This sharing of knowledge is how humanity has progressed and grown over the centuries.

The author has already invested several months and even years of research and hard work in creating their manuscript and eagerly awaits the publishing process to be completed so that the fruits of their labor can now be distributed to a larger community.

​​Kriyadocs puts the author firmly at the center of the publishing workflow and ensures that all key touchpoints are intuitive and hassle-free to accelerate the manuscript’s journey from submission to publication.

Our team

K. Venkataramani

Founder & Chairman

Venkataramani is an industrial veteran and serial entrepreneur who has built many successful businesses. He has led many successful initiatives across geographies and industries through the span of 40-year career.

ravi venkataramani
Ravi Venkataramani

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ravi manages the company’s growth strategy. A strong believer in the use of technology to enhance human potential, he has successfully steered product incubation through co-creation with customers.

sowmya mahadevan
Sowmya Mahadevan

Chief Operating Officer

Sowmya manages operations, strategic planning, process optimisation and innovation. She spearheads the effort to transform the company into a world class SaaS publishing platform.

vijay exeter
Vijay Sivaprakasam

Co-founder & Director

Vijay manages finance, compliance and administration. He has over 20 years of experience spanning technology, operations and compliance.

Parivalavan Manoharan

Chief Technology Officer

Pari manages product strategy, technology and innovation. He loves experimenting with different technologies and works actively to leverage emerging trends for improving process efficiency and product performance.

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