Grow with Kriyadocs.

While technology is at the core of what we do, it is our people who do wonders with it. Empowered and innovative, our teams rise to challenges and strive to delight our clients. We are committed to employee growth, and our continuous upskilling program, Learn Excel Accelerate Perform (LEAP), helps our employees (the Kriyators) achieve their potential today and future-proofs them for emerging digital needs.

What we’re looking for

All members of the Kriyadocs and Exeter Premedia Services family share several valuable characteristics that align with our core values. Here are some traits we look for in candidates when filling positions across our company.

Deliver Excellence, Deliver Delight

We are looking for people who are . . .

Committed to ensuring that their internal and external customers are delighted by their work

Proactive about reaching out when they are available to take up more work or additional tasks/projects

Able to pay attention to detail and deliver high quality work that complies with (or exceeds!) the established expectations

Enthusiastic about helping build and regularly improve processes to ensure the best results

Capable of taking a dynamic approach to resolving time-critical problems

Stay Curious, Stay Driven

We want individuals who . . .

Show an aptitude for continuous learning from peers and available resources and applying this knowledge in their tasks

Are willing to take on challenging tasks and can think outside the box

Explore the “why” behind customers’ requirements to understand their needs and offer input

Learn from errors and take proactive action to prevent them from occurring again.

Provide value-added services to deliver an exceptional customer experience

Dream Big, Rise Together

We seek people who can . . .

Build a rapport with team members

Listen to others and communicate their thoughts effectively and respectfully

Set clear goals that align with their customers’ vision and seek feedback to improve continuously

Lead their teams actively, delegates tasks, and provide feedback and encouragement

Share knowledge with team members and motivate peers to achieve higher goals

Want to join us?

Do you identify with these traits? If yes, you are the right fit for Kriyadocs, and this is an excellent place for you to grow and thrive!

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