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kriyadocs is a document collaboration platform that helps you publish faster and produce more content with less effort.

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kriyadocs cuts through the clutter and simplifies your workflow

Beat the Clock

Make missed deadlines a thing of the past. Organize your projects and prioritize tasks with easy Kanban boards.

Skip the Wait

Did a missed comma wreck your schedule? Make changes yourself and publish on demand with a full-featured tool set.

Access Anywhere Anytime

Unchain yourself from the desk. Get work done on-the-go with everything you need at your fingertips.

Insight to Action

You need data to have visibility and be proactive. Dig deep and plan ahead with intuitive dashboards and actionable reports.

Collaborate and Conquer

No more silos. Get everybody on the same page with a shared workspace and integrated communication channels.

Leading publishers across the globe use kriyadocs to accelerate publishing


Effortless Collaboration. Empowered Team.

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Delight authors with intuitive interfaces

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Collaborate faster with a centralised communication hub

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Visually organize & prioritize work with Kanban boards

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Make proactive decisions with actionable dashboards


Adaptable Workflows. Rich Content.

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Stay true to your style with 'AI driven' layout templates

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Control content and track assets with integrated CMS & DAM

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Publish on demand to multiple formats with 'XML first' workflows

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Connect with a global audience through multi-lingual support


Smart Automation. Stringent Validation.

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Maintain accuracy and data integrity with automated data validation

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Flag & resolve missing content automatically with Smart Queries

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Improve readability and eliminate errors with 'ML driven' editing

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Manage user access with roles & element level security


Repeatable Processes. Quicker Monetization.

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Get more done by integrating 'best in class' tools with REST APIs

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Meet your schedules with dynamic workflows

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Ensure process consistency with customizable business rules

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Tap into rich metadata to enable licensing, discovery & cataloguing

The Early Access Advantage

Why we’re doing this

Publishing has been critical to the spread of knowledge and ideas and it is important that it continues to survive and thrive. kriyadocs is aimed at improving the experience for authors and publishers alike. We would be thrilled to have you sign up for the Early Access Program.

What to expect

You’ll get a free 2 month access to all kriyadocs features to try out various publication scenarios at your convenience. You’ll also get free access to a Slack channel to share continuous feedback and ideas on your experience and also get to exchange views with other users of the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about kriyadocs to get started.

What is kriyadocs?
kriyadocs is a document collaboration platform that helps you publish faster and produce more content with less effort.
kriyadocs is for authors and publishers. It is also for all users who have a role in the production process of a publication (books, journals, encyclopedia etc.) This includes copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers and editors.
Creates PDF proofs and JATS compliant XML at the click of a button, enables true collaboration, produces a host of publications like books, journals, conference abstracts, encyclopaedias. Supports dynamic publishing workflows and enhances your bottom line.
No, kriyadocs is on the cloud and does not need any on-premise installation.
Yes. kriyadocs can generate print-ready PDFs.
Yes. kriyadocs is an XML-first workflow and the content is saved as XML right from the start.
Yes! The content can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
Edits made to the content don’t show up in the proof in real time. The PDF proof can be regenerated by the click of a button.
No, the PDF does not show track changes. The PDF proof is a typeset version of the final content.
It is an online editing and proofing system.
It’s really very simple! Contact us at ________or schedule a demo with us!
INDIA (Corporate Office)
Ascendas International Tech Park
Unit-3, Level- 1, Pinnacle
CSIR Road, Taramani, Chennai-600113
Tamil Nadu, India