Streamline and orchestrate your publication, the agile way.

Empower your teams to stay self-sufficient.

Leverage a feature-rich platform to produce high-quality content with quick turnaround times


Take charge of your manuscript with a user-friendly platform that allows hassle-free changes and query responses

Production teams

Enjoy easy collaboration, full process visibility, and transform submissions into high-quality deliverables seamlessly

Unified Publishing Ecosystem (UPE)

Tired of splicing together bespoke solutions from peer review to production and beyond? Kriyadocs was built to bring every publishing activity and stakeholder to one platform, so you get to focus on what matters most: publishing high quality content faster.

Need expert human assistance in publishing and producing your journals?
No problem—Kriyadocs brings experts with real-world experience of over a decade in academic publishing within your reach.

So how does Kriyadocs do it?

The answer: Kriyadocs
Unified Publishing Ecosystem

The Kriyadocs UPE has been built to serve the 4 core activities of every publisher really well, but the best part: it enables seamless handoffs from each stage to the next.


Capture manuscripts and metadata with ease using a customized, intuitive portal

Peer Review

Seamless review system to assess fitment and quality, manage reviewers, and reach informed decisions faster


ML-enabled editing tools, automated validations, and on-the-fly proofing


Multi-format export, packaging, and deployment to various hosting platforms

Transform manuscripts into high quality publication-ready outputs

Never leave consistency to chance

Enhance your content by ensuring consistency and validity.

Choose XML-first from the get-go. Content elements are tagged at the beginning, and all changes are saved in the XML.

Maintain data integrity with stringent data validation, including reference and funder registry validation.

Ensure consistent reference formatting with AI/ML-based, CSL-compliant styling.

Prevent style and language concerns from affecting the content quality

Prevent style and language concerns from affecting the content quality.

Set up automated styling as per your requirements and easily keep track of automated style changes.

Catch and address spelling, grammar, and style errors.

Don’t let poor accessibility limit your reach

Diversify your content and make it accessible to your readers.

Update the alt text and long description for images in the editor interface. In addition, we also offer alt text and long description writing services for journal and book publishers.

Enrich your content with videos, graphical abstracts, and more, enabled by various third-party integrations.

Simplify your authors’ publishing journey

Don’t let cumbersome UI affect your author experience

Create a seamless and enjoyable review experience for your authors.

Empower your authors to make changes by themselves with a user-friendly editor interface.

Track and manage all author changes in a single location.

Enable your authors to download and review PDF proofs with ease.

Measure author satisfaction with a quick survey.

Stop depending on a trail of emails to resolve queries

Simplify the query management process – for you and your authors

Sort and filter queries for better focus.

Raise queries at specific locations in the manuscript for better context.

Allow your authors to address issues like missing citations with automated queries.

Accelerate proof review and approval processes

Prevent delays due to inadequate project management tools

Empower your teams with the capabilities they need to ensure timely deliveries.

Allow your editors and managers to track, review, and manage author changes.

Update article metadata with ease. All changes are saved in the XML, and there is no data loss during output exports.

Have complete control and visibility over the production process.

Don’t let layout changes affect your final outputs

Have complete confidence in the final proofs before publication.

Adjust table orientation, character alignments, and column widths with user-friendly visual previews.

Update placement of tables and figures in the proof.

Regenerate proofs on-the-fly with the latest changes and review before final publication.

Plan and prioritize like a pro

Don’t let looming deadlines and high volumes stretch your teams

Have full visibility into your workflows and manage issues proactively

Visualize each project’s workflow with a Kanban layout and quickly address any blocks.

Be fully aware of the progress of each manuscript with clear audit trails.

Use analytics to provide retrospectives on project status and crucial data to course correct.

Prevent valuable workflow-related data from going to waste

Keep your metrics at your fingertips and make informed decisions.

Search, filter, and export data from reports as needed.

Take a deep dive into your metrics and draw valuable insights from interactive reports.

Configure as many reports as you need to address your business challenges.

Want to see real customer examples using Kriyadocs? 

Join leading publishers in using Kriyadocs to run successful publishing programs

Over 140 webinars and 175 issues of the Companion magazine have been digitized

“We have worked with Kriyadocs since 2017, and we have always found them helpful and responsive as we develop our understanding of the optimum online presentation for our different types of content.”

Ian Mellor
Head of Publishing

AAMs are published 2.33x faster than the publisher’s predetermined TAT

“Kriyadocs is a comprehensive pre-publication production solution, covering editing, author liaison, typesetting, and workflow management in one place, supported by a responsive, friendly, and professional team of technical and customer service experts.”

Catharine Hull
Head of Publishing

Up to 63% reduction in times to publication

“Publishing is a very fast-moving industry and times to publication are crucial, so we need to ensure that we are working with trusted partners that can provide reliable and robust systems. In Kriyadocs, we found a robust system that works well for us.”

Sophia Anderton
Director of Publishing

300+ hours of manual work saved during the year

“One of the cornerstones of the long partnership with Kriyadocs is the close collaboration for continuous improvement. Working together to ensure that processes are streamlined has made the experience more rewarding for all stakeholders.”

Natalie Bryan
Senior Production Manager

Time to publication reduced from several weeks to a few days

“The paper was accepted yesterday and has now been formatted and is published on the website today. Must definitely be some kind of a record. I do not know any other journal that has done this.”

Dr.Ashwin Mahalingam

Complex book production streamlined with Kriyadocs publishing services

“The Kriyadocs service team is smart, attentive to schedule, very knowledgeable about our needs and preferences, and often anticipates the next steps. Sometimes, we don’t even have to request tasks or support – our team knows what Springer Publishing needs and prefers.”

Joanne Jay
Vice President

“From the issuance of the project plan through approval of the final draft and cover, working with the Kriyadocs team has been a great pleasure. The excellent and timely communication, complemented by the quality and professionalism of the editing and production, have added appreciably to the publication experience and to the quality of the manuscript. This being the fifth book I have published, along with having published 50 or so articles, allows me to say that the team at Kriyadocs is among the best I have dealt with over my 40+ year career.”

Dr. Daniel L. Plung

Senior Partner at DVC & Associates

“The Kriyadocs service team is smart, attentive to schedule, very knowledgeable about our needs and preferences, and often anticipates the next steps. Sometimes, we don’t even have to request tasks or support – our team knows what Springer Publishing needs and prefers.”

Joanne Jay

Vice President

“It is more than amazing!!!!!!! Seeing this in print makes me so happy. I am not sure if I will ever again feel so satisfied and thrilled with a manuscript in my whole life.”

Kerry Lynn Reynolds

Author, BMJ

“We have been very happy with the speed and quality of work from Kriyadocs. They have worked with us to produce a solution that keeps our high standards and is easy for our authors to use.”

Bryan Hibbard

Editorial Operations Manager

“For over 7 years, Kriyadocs has been an essential tool in our production workflow at eLife. It has provided our authors with an intuitive way to review and edit proofs prior to publication and enabled us to create customised workflows for publishing eLife digests and peer review materials. Its features have facilitated our aim of promoting best practices in open science, and by utilising automated validation, reduced our turn-around times. We would recommend it to any publishers who are interested in optimising their workflows.”

Fred Atherden

Head of Production Operations

“BMJ have enjoyed working with Kriyadocs on our BMJ Journals Collection for several years, and they have become a trusted solutions provider. The quality and speed of their work are unparalleled, and we appreciate their willingness to work closely with us to automate routine tasks, resulting in exceptional turnaround times without any loss of quality. We have formed a solid partnership with Kriyadocs and appreciate their commitment to quality, speed, and collaboration. I highly recommend Kriyadocs to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient solutions provider.”

Natalie Bryan

Head of Production Services

Koray Okumus

UX Designer, Circooles

Koray Okumus

UX Designer, Circooles

Koray Okumus

UX Designer, Circooles

Koray Okumus

UX Designer, Circooles

Koray Okumus

UX Designer, Circooles

Koray Okumus

UX Designer, Circooles

Koray Okumus

UX Designer, Circooles

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