Kriyadocs Presubmit

Paving the way to high-quality submissions


Empowering authors and
advancing scholarly communication​

Kriyadocs Presubmit provides a pre-submission authoring environment with automated checks, delivering full-text XML at the outset of the workflow. This empowers genuine authors to showcase their work effectively when submitting to journals, while also promoting research integrity and alleviating the burden on journal teams.


The story behind Kriyadocs Presubmit​

With over two decades of experience in the scholarly and academic publishing industry, we are committed to helping publishers bridge the gap between promoting research integrity at scale and providing great author experience (AX) for their communities.

Promoting research integrity
through innovation and collaboration


desk review

Comprehensive screening reports for efficient reviews


quality manuscripts

Robust checks on submissions, ensuring integrity and quality


XML ready
at submission

Seamless flow of rich metadata throughout the publishing journey


stakeholder relations

Collaborative ecosystem, fostering trust and transparency

Building trust
through author empowerment

Streamline submissions for desk-ready manuscripts

Enable authors with a user-friendly interface for error detection, source validation, and streamlined submissions

Foster efficient teamwork among authors through intuitive collaboration tools, ensuring a smooth manuscript preparation experience

Enhance manuscript quality with AI-assisted checks

Utilize automation and AI to refine manuscripts and minimize errors

Identify potential integrity concerns, ensuring adherence to ethical standards and boosting acceptance probabilities

Accelerate manuscript screening and editorial decisions

Provide publishers with comprehensive status/audit reports per submission for swift manuscript evaluation

Enable swift manuscript decision through improved submission quality and streamlined screening processes

Foster author loyalty and boost submissions

Foster author loyalty and drive referrals by providing smoother submission experiences and quicker decision timelines

Improve author experiences with faster screening and feedback mechanisms to attract more submissions and fuel growth

Join us in paving the way to high-quality submissions