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Explore success stories of journal and book publishers with Kriyadocs.

Complex book production streamlined with Kriyadocs publishing services

“The Kriyadocs service team is smart, attentive to schedule, very knowledgeable about our needs and preferences, and often anticipates the next steps. Sometimes, we don’t even have to request tasks or support – our team knows what Springer Publishing needs and prefers.”

Joanne Jay
Vice President

Time to publication reduced from several weeks to a few days

“The paper was accepted yesterday and has now been formatted and is published on the website today. Must definitely be some kind of a record. I do not know any other journal that has done this.”

Dr.Ashwin Mahalingam

300+ hours of manual work saved during the year

“One of the cornerstones of the long partnership with Kriyadocs is the close collaboration for continuous improvement. Working together to ensure that processes are streamlined has made the experience more rewarding for all stakeholders.”

Natalie Bryan
Senior Production Manager

Up to 63% reduction in times to publication

“Publishing is a very fast-moving industry and times to publication are crucial, so we need to ensure that we are working with trusted partners that can provide reliable and robust systems. In Kriyadocs, we found a robust system that works well for us.”

Sophia Anderton
Director of Publishing

AAMs are published 2.33x faster than the publisher’s predetermined TAT

“Kriyadocs is a comprehensive pre-publication production solution, covering editing, author liaison, typesetting, and workflow management in one place, supported by a responsive, friendly, and professional team of technical and customer service experts.”

Catharine Hull
Head of Publishing

Over 140 webinars and 175 issues of the Companion magazine have been digitized

“We have worked with Kriyadocs since 2017, and we have always found them helpful and responsive as we develop our understanding of the optimum online presentation for our different types of content.”

Ian Mellor
Head of Publishing

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