September 9, 2023

6 reasons why AI is a game-changer in publishing

Artificial Intelligence has a massive impact on our world. Like in any modern industry, Artificial intelligence is a game changer in publishing.

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Artificial Intelligence has a tremendous impact in today’s world. From virtual assistants like Siri/Alexa to self-driving cars to streaming platforms that predict what music you will like, AI has taken the world by storm! Like any other modern industry, there has been a significant transformation brought forth by AI in the publishing industry.

There is a wide variety of AI tools that are used at every stage of publishing. These tools don’t just help publishers automate workflows but also gain better marketing insights for a wider reach.

Here are 6 reasons why AI is a game-changer in the publishing landscape:

1. Increased discoverability:

One of the most common concerns for publishers is making the content as discoverable as possible to reach the right audience. With various sources available on the internet, it is important to have your content surface when someone searches about your topic. With AI, publishers can extract data for websites like Amazon to catch readers’ attention across the globe.


2. Automated text analysis:

Text analysis or text mining is an automated process of transforming unstructured text into structured or organized text. Several online tools help you analyze texts and derive thorough insights to make data-driven decisions. To top it all off, they are cost-effective, accurate, and reliable.


3. Automated formatting:

It starts with an idea that turns into a manuscript. You upload it online, but for some reason, it just doesn’t look right. What went wrong? Well, formatting is often to blame. How can you transform your manuscript so that it looks visually appealing and is easy to read? There are plenty of AI-driven tools that can make your life easier with automatic formatting. This not only helps reduce time but also provides high-quality output!


4. Content translation:

Localizing your content can be cumbersome. Even though some content translation tools are helpful to a certain extent, the language's flow and style are still inadequate for publishing. Fortunately, with AI-powered technology, some professional tools have proven effective in streamlining the translation process. These tools can create authentic texts, helping you generate a rough publishable version of the content.


5. Better efficiency and quality:

Publishing is transforming at a very fast pace. Everyone’s got a plethora of options to choose from, which in turn leads to more pitfalls. To keep pace with the growing scale and scope, choosing what’s efficient and accurate is the key to success. Applying AI can enhance your efficiency and accuracy in producing rich, high-quality content.


6. Enhanced marketing and sales:

Being a publisher, imagine the possibility of knowing what’s coming next. With AI, you can predict the future! Predictive Analytics can forecast the next big thing with more accuracy based on existing data and puts you one step ahead of others.

By accelerating the publishing process and reducing production costs, AI continues to benefit the publishing landscape. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet and are interested in doing so, check out how Kriyadocs uses AI to accelerate your publishing!

I’m Anjali, Buzz Ambassador at Kriyadocs! I help publishers discover the different ways Kriyadocs can make their life easier. Connect with us to know more.


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Anjali Dhananjayan
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