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Kriyadocs is a document workflow management platform that simplifies publishing, from authoring to reviewing to distribution. Our mission is to provide a fantastic experience for authors and content publishers looking to publish high-quality content seamlessly and quickly. Our solutions are augmented by publishing professionals with editorial, content, and project management expertise.

Built by publishing experts in collaboration with publishers, Kriyadocs is the partner of choice for leading journal, book, and abstract publishers worldwide.

Kriyadocs is for authors and publishers. It is also for all users who have a role in the production process of a publication (books, journals, encyclopedia etc.) This includes copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers and editors.

Kriyadocs works on the principle of “guided automation” where the operator is involved only when the system cannot make a definitive judgement. With an XML-first workflow, content on Kriyadocs can be exported to multiple formats such as XML, PDF, and ePub at the click of a button. The system allows the creation of PDF proofs, tracking and management of peer reviews, management of copyediting and proofreading processes, insertion and modification of images and supplementary files, collation of author corrections, issue make-up, generation of print ready PDFs, and final package creation on a single platform.

Kriyadocs is on the cloud and does not need any on-premise installation. This allows all the stakeholders to access it anytime, anywhere.

Yes, Kriyadocs can generate print-ready PDFs.

Kriyadocs currently supports the English and Western European language (ISO-8859-1) formats.

Yes. Kriyadocs supports an XML-first workflow and the content is saved as XML, right from the start.

Yes! The content can be accessed anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a browser.

It’s very simple! Please write to us or fill this quick form to schedule a demo with us!