October 16, 2023


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Crossref is a nonprofit organization that serves as a crucial part of the digital infrastructure for the global scholarly research community. Established in 2000, it specializes in recording and connecting knowledge through open metadata and identifiers for various research objects, including grants and articles. Crossref is notably the largest Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Registration Agency of the International DOI Foundation. It boasts a diverse membership base, including publishers, libraries, research institutions, and funders from around the world, totaling approximately 19,000 members across 150 countries.

Crossref facilitates persistent cross-platform citation linking in online academic journals, helping researchers and readers easily access and reference scholarly content. As of July 2023, Crossref manages and connects 150 million records of metadata related to research objects available for reuse. They handle a substantial volume of DOI resolutions and metadata queries each month.

Crossref's integration options enable a wider range of entities to tap into its wealth of scholarly metadata and contribute to the dissemination of academic knowledge.

References are automatically edited and validated as per journal style against online databases like Crossref and PubMed. Users can also look up at these databases to insert new references. This Klick ensures accuracy and completeness in the list of references, enhancing the overall content quality.

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