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Our journey

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Our journey

The publishing lifecycle is riddled with intricate touchpoints that often end up frustrating authors and publishers because a lot of their time and efforts are spent on a convoluted cycle of chores – formatting issues, version changes, status tracking, email volleys, approval delays, repeated follow-ups, and more.

We felt there had to be a better way to make publishing simpler and easier. It is with that goal that we huddled our best minds and built Kriyadocs as a comprehensive document workflow management platform for journals, books, and abstracts supported by publishing experts. Our peer review and production platforms bring all the stakeholders together to get work done. Our platforms are supported by professional services such as copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, indexing, design, project management, and more.


Exeter Premedia Services

Founded Exeter Premedia as an offshore prepress service provider to journal and book publishers.


kriya – Happy Authors

Launched our cloud-based copyediting, typesetting and production platform. Journals and book publishers adopted
kriya to transform their productions systems rom a cost to a profit center.


Kriyadocs – Accelerate your publishing

Revamped kriya to Kriyadocs – a self serve platform for document collaboration, streamlined workflows, and project management.


Kriyadocs – Unified journal publishing platform

Launched Kriyadocs as a unified journal publishing to bridge the gap between submission and publication.

Looking ahead / Our next chapter

We believe that the future holds a lot of promise, and we are eager to develop our solutions to improve the overall experience for authors and publishers.

Kriyadocs is highly configurable and has been built keeping in mind the different needs and use cases that journal and book publishers may require. We strive towards providing greater control to publishers, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the researcher experience with our platforms.

With the goal of transforming publishing and helping publishers address the gaps in their workflows, we launched Kriyadocs as a unified journal publishing platform in 2022. Please click here to know more about our unified platform.