US 2024

A Kriyadocs community initiative

24 September 2024

Washington, DC, USA

Elevate scholarly publishing
through collaboration

Publisherspeak US 2024 is an in-person conclave by Kriyadocs, taking place in September. This event will bring together stakeholders from the publishing industry to collaborate, generate innovative ideas, and acquire actionable insights to overcome the challenges faced in scholarly publishing today.

Highlights from Publisherspeak US 2023

Explore insights from Publisherspeak US 2023, which included a keynote address by Anirban Mahapatra (ASM), an interactive workshop on agile transformation by Srikanth Seshadri (Agile Growth Partners), and breakout sessions chaired by Patricia Kershaw (ASCE), Richard di Santo (JMIR Publications), David Haber (ASM), and SSP President Randy Townsend (The George Washington University).

Inside Publisherspeak US 2024

We are excited to announce the return of Louise Russell as the Conference Chair for Publisherspeak US 2024. With her proven expertise in scholarly publishing and digital strategies, Louise will once again lead the way at our conclave in Washington, DC.

Louise Russell

Tutton-Russell Consulting

Louise has over 25 years of experience in the scholarly communications sector spanning editorial,  product/digital, and senior leadership roles. In her current role as Director of Tutton Russell Consulting, Louise provides specialist consultancy to publishers, societies, universities, and vendors internationally. In an evolving and increasingly dynamic landscape Louise brings an external perspective – supporting organisations as they explore new products and business models, review current processes, operations and commercial arrangements, and refocus their strategy for the future.

Why "Publisherspeak"?

The essence of our name embodies the very spirit of our event. We believe in the power of "publisher speak," a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of the publishing community, ensuring their ideas, visions, and expertise resonate far and wide. Here, every voice finds significance, and every perspective shapes the collective narrative of our industry.

We aim to facilitate collaboration and drive collective growth towards the "publishers' peak." We foster an environment of camaraderie where sharing knowledge and forging meaningful connections fuel innovation and success. Through joint empowerment, we embark on a journey towards new heights, shaping the future of publishing hand in hand.

Join us at Publisherspeak US, where your voice is heard, and collaboration is the key to achieving the summit of excellence in the world of publishing!

Who is Publisherspeak for?

This conclave is for publishing professionals looking to engage in discussion around topics such as scholarly publishing workflows, research integrity, evolving best practice, agile publishing, digital transformation, and more.

Publisherspeak US 2024 will also facilitate breakout sessions, akin to an unconference where attendees will collaborate in groups to devise solutions for current challenges in scholarly publishing.

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