October 17, 2023

OA Switchboard

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About this integration

Open Up OA Klick: 

How it works

Phase 1 of this Klick enables current Kriyadocs customers to seamlessly integrate with the OA Switchboard API in the standard message structure to compose and send P1 messages (a set of metadata related to a specific article publication).

P1 notification messages automatically go out to research funders and institutions relevant to the article (VOR).

Phase 1 is currently operational.

Phase 2 will enable the Open Up OA Klick for publishers who are not yet in the Kriyadocs ecosystem. Publishers can utilize our solution to send metadata from their JATS-compliant XML to OA Switchboard. 

In future, this Klick can be extended to support more OA Switchboard use cases and message types.

The Open Up OA Klick offers the following benefits for publishers:    

Enabling publishers to report on OA publication output

This Klick facilitates publishers to report on OA publication output. Publishers can easily gather, organize, and distribute the necessary publication data to align with the increasingly complex OA research and publishing ecosystem.

Ensuring seamless data flow and storage through solid interoperability within publishers’ workflow systems

This Klick enables a smooth, fully automated flow of information from publishers’ systems, ensuring continuity, providing complete process visibility, and reducing the risk of errors.

Providing a cost-effective way for publishers to effortlessly connect to OA Switchboard

The Open Up OA Klick is a cost-effective out-of-the-box solution for publishers seeking to seamlessly transmit publication notifications, metadata, and funding details to relevant parties.

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