November 2, 2023

WoS Reviewer Locator

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Web of Science Reviewer Locator is a valuable tool designed to assist scholarly journal editors in the process of identifying, evaluating, and connecting with subject matter experts for peer reviewing manuscript submissions. This tool is primarily tailored to the needs of scholarly journal editors seeking suitable peer reviewers. In the near future, it will also introduce a version catering to research funders, facilitating the identification of experts for reviewing research grant applications and assembling review panels and expert committees. The functionality of Web of Science Reviewer Locator revolves around addressing three key challenges. Firstly, it streamlines the task of finding potential peer review candidates, ensuring that editors can access a pool of qualified experts. Secondly, it aids in the screening process to determine the fitness-for-purpose of these candidates, enhancing the quality and relevance of peer reviews. Lastly, it establishes a reliable means of connecting with preferred candidates, fostering efficient and effective communication in the peer review process. This tool significantly improves the peer review process, benefiting both scholarly journals and research funders in their pursuit of quality and impactful research contributions.

The WoS Reviewer Locator Klick helps streamline and enhance the reviewer selection process. Publishers can swiftly match manuscripts with relevant reviewers and expand their pool of potential reviewers.

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