open science and open access

Looking Towards a More Open Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge

Rewind to December 2019-January 2020, Wuhan, China. Panic spread like wildfire along with a contagious pneumonia-like infection. Coronavirus was identified as the
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peer review week 2021

Highlights from Peer Review Week 2021: Taking a collective step towards an equitable research environment

#PeerReviewWeek2021 Peer Review Week, the highly anticipated international event that celebrates the critical role of peer review in scientific research, took place
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productivity tools

Top 10 Tools That Will Improve Your WFH Productivity

Workplace productivity is the efficiency with which an organization completes tasks and accomplishes goals. With a substantial change in the work scenario
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video content in scholarly publishing

Video Content: Seeing Scholarly Publishing Through a New Lens

As content continues to evolve and progress, we need to ask ourselves, is black-and-white text enough to hook the reader’s attention? Text
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Open peer review

The Case for Open Peer Review

The open research movement strives to achieve transparency and accessibility of research and its data. It has brought many positive changes including
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Kanban board

The Kanban Way for Increased Work Visibility and Productivity

Does your day often start with the dreaded status meeting? Sometimes, the question of ‘who is working on what?’ can get monotonous.
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Digital publishing

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Scholarly Publishing

Imagine being teleported to an era where only traditional publishing prevailed. You would probably be perplexed at the limited possibilities that existed
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V2MOM Template

Aligning for Success

Did you know that an average executive spends 23 hours a week in meetings? That’s nearly 50% of a work week gone
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Rise of Audiobooks

Lend Me Your Ears…. The Rise of Audiobooks in Recent Years

We have come a long way in embracing books in different forms. From the pale yellow undertones of old book pages to
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